IAU Colloquium 168
Cometary Nuclei in Space and Time

Nanjing, China
May 18-22, 1998

Electronically-submitted Abstracts of Participants
(Sorted alphabetically by first author surname)

A'Hearn Bar-Nun Bibring Blecka
Capria Chen D. Chen Y. Cochran
Colangeli Cremonese Crifo Eberhardt
Ehrenfreund Enzian Fernández Fomenkova
Green (1) Green (2) Grigorian Huebner
Ibadinov Ip Jenniskens Jewitt
Keller Lamy (1) Lamy (2) Larson
Lee Li Q. Li Z. A. Li (1)
A. Li (2) Liu Ma Marov
Maslennikov Morrison Palumbo Pang
Pei Qian Rauer Samarasinha
Schulz Schwehm Shulman Song
Stern Tao Thomas Vasilyev
Watanabe Weidenschilling Weissman (1) Weissman (2)
Williams Wu Yamamoto Yang
Yu Zeng Zhang H. Zhang P.
Zhao Zhu
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