Nanjing, China

Contacting Attendees in China

In case someone needs to contact an attendee in Nanjing, the following options are possible:

Getting to Nanjing

Usually, air all the way is the best route to Nanjing, especially if Beijing or Hong Kong is the port of entry. If you can not book an air ticket from the entry port to Nanjing, please fax your passport (only that page including your name is needed) to the LOC (Fax: 86-25-3301459, Drs.Yang Benyou and Ma Yuehua) in advance as soon as you have bought your international air ticket. The LOC will order a ticket for you from your port of entry to Nanjing.

In case you have to stay at the port of entry and/or exit for one night in order to connect to the flight to Nanjing, the LOC will arrange a hotel for you to stay. From Shanghai to Nanjing, train passage is also available (although air travel is recommended). The LOC will meet all the participants at Nanjing airport (or train station) and take them to their hotel.

The LOC will definitely send some people to meet participants at the Beijing airport. If need be, the LOC can also meet participants at Shanghai airport. Right now the LOC does not know how many people will choose Shanghai as their entry port.

The third annoucenemt will have more details on travel arrangements.


The LOC chose Nanjing Hotel to accommodate most of the participants.

Nanjing Hotel Main Building South Building
$110/day $70/day
  1. The above prices include the "conference lunch fee" (about $30/day).
  2. It is the same price for a single room or a double bed room.

Feng Yuan Guest House is also available with a price of about $50/day (including conference lunch fee). However, it will be used primarily for accommodating students and the participants who will obtain financial support from the LOC.

Other accomodations in Nanjing will be listed shortly.

The conference hall for our meeting is located in "Nanjing University - The Johns Hopkins University Center for Chinese and American Studies", which is equipped with modern facilities.

Tour Arrangements

There are four options open to the participants. Each tour encompasses a lot of impressive experiences of China.

  1. Nanjing-Suzhou plus Zhouzhuang-Nanjing (or Shanghai), 3.5 days, price TBD
  2. Nanjing-Sian, 4 days, price TBD
  3. Nanjing-Beijing plus Chengde, 7 days, price TBD

Complete itineraries and prices will be included in the second anouncement.

Other information about Nanjing can be found on-line. Yahoo has an extensive page on the sights of Nanging. Chinapages is perhaps the best on-line reference for Nanjing.

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