IAU Colloquium 168
Cometary Nuclei in Space and Time

May 18-22, 1998
Nanjing, China
Semi-final Oral Program

Monday 18 May
Morning Session - General, size of comets Afternoon Session - Basic physical properties, begin chemistry Evening
Tuesday 19 May
Morning Session - Chemistry & lab studies Afternoon Session - Missions Evening Session - Chinese Cometary Astronomy & Poster Session
Wednesday 20 May
All day
Thursday 21 May
Morning Session - Relation to TNOs, Near-surface Models Afternoon Session - Meteors, Dust, etc. Evening Session - Leonids Workshop (org. I. Williams) & Poster Session
Friday 22 May
Morning Session - Origin & Evolution - Chemical Afternoon Session - I. Structure and origin Afternoon Session - II. Overview and Prospects, Closing Evening
Poster Sessions
See separate page with link below for the program of posters.
Please note that Contributed Talks, CT in the above listing, are limited strictly to 10 minutes of presentation with up to 5 minutes after the talk available for discussion. Note also that the above program is semi-final and a few minor changes may still occur. Generally the invited talks are scheduled for 30 minutes with up to 15 minutes available for discussion, although a couple are intended to be shorter than 30 minutes. (the authors know which these are).

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