IAU Commission 15

Physical Studies of Comets, Minor Planets and Meteorites

L'Etude Physique des Cometes, des Petites Planetes et des Meteorites


Officers for the 2000-2003 Triennium

President: H. Uwe Keller, keller@linmpi.mpg.de.

Vice President: Edward Tedesco, etedesco@attbi.com.

Secretary: Gabriele Cremonese cremonese@pd.astro.it.

Past President: Vincenzo Zappalá, zappala@to.astro.it.

Organizing Committee: M. T. Capria (Italy), A. Harris (Germany), N. Kiselev (Ukraine), L.-A. McFadden (USA), K. Meech (USA), T. Michalowski (Poland), K. Muinonen (Finland), M. V. Sykes (USA), J. Watanabe (Japan), and R. M. West (Germany).

Chairpersons of Working Groups

Asteroids: Alberto Cellino

Comets: Walter Huebner


Business at the 1997 General Assembly

Items of business for the commission at the Kyoto General Assembly can be found here. The Minutes of the business meeting are now available


 Commission 15 plans to have two Joint Discussions at the next IAU General Assembly 2003 in Sidney (Australia) :

JD 14 (Commissions 15 and 34) on Material Processing for Comets and

JD 19 (Commissions 7, 15, 16 and 22) on Physical Properties & Morphology of Small Solar System Bodies


Link to workshops Ceres 2001.


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