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Committee on Small Body Nomenclature

Comité pour la nomenclature des petits corps célestes

A Committee of IAU Division III


Terms of Reference

These terms of reference for the CSBN were approved by the IAU Executive Committee on 15 February 2000.

1. The IAU Committee on Small Body Nomenclature is appointed by IAU Division III under similar procedures as Divisional Working Groups (IAU Working Rules 38). It reports to the General Assembly through the President of Division III. For necessary meetings, the Committee is eligible for travel support from the IAU.

2. The membership of the Committee includes:

3. Appointment and Terms of Service. The members, including the Chairperson, will be appointed for three years at each General Assembly by Division III, upon the advice of the outgoing Committee. Continuity in the work of the Committee is important, so members are encouraged to serve through several triennia.

4. Names and Guidelines


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